Los Angeles Bed Bug Control Services

Bedbug 555Bed bugs are tiny wingless insects that live off of human blood. Bed bugs are becoming a big problem in homes, apartments, cruise ships, shelters, hotels and many other facilities. These tiny parasites can survive for many months without having blood to eat, and this makes them very hard to control. Bed bugs are thin and flat which is an advantage for them. These pests can hide in all sorts of places such as floor cracks, under carpet, behind wallpaper and behind base boards which makes them difficult for a homeowner to detect. Pest Solutions is yourLos Angeles bed bug controlprofessionals. Our bed bug exterminators offer services throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding areas including Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Culver City, Huntington Park, Downey, La Habra and more for both commercial and residential locations.

Identifying bed bugs in your home or business

Bed bugs tend to stay in close groups and have a sweet, but unpleasant odor. Seeing spots of blood on mattresses and furniture are signs of an infestation. The bugs can leave itchy bites on the skin and cause severe itching and allergic reactions.

Discovering that you have bed bugs is not a good feeling at all. The thought of bed bugs can be overwhelming as well as the process of eliminating the bugs. If you work a full-time job, you will not have time to sit around washing all your clothes, sheets and belongings as well as airing out your furniture. Even if you did have the time to do it all, there still is no guarantee that you will eliminate the infestation of bed bugs. There could be plenty of bed bug eggs that you are not able to get rid of because you were not aware they existed somewhere.

Pest Solutions is your Los Angeles bed bug control expert

The good news is that Pest Solutions can handle all of yourLos Angeles bed bug controlneeds. We can take over and get rid of those bed bugs once and for all. If it means you can sleep peacefully at night, it will be worth it!

Bed bugs are not the easiest pests to get rid of even with a professional working the job. This shows that it is most unlikely an ordinary person could handle the infestation without professional assistance. No one wants to close their eyes and go to sleep knowing that bugs may be biting! If you suspect or know that you have bed bugs, give us a call today, and let Pest Solutions get rid of those pests once and for all.