Beverly Hills Bed Bug Fumigation Services

Bedbug 5Until recent years, bed bug infestations were considered a problem of the past. Bed bugs were almost eliminated from most parts of the world, but they have resurfaced recently to the point where they are considered to be an epidemic in many major urban areas and even in some less populated communities. Many people inadvertently bring these pests home with them in their luggage or clothing after spending time in commercial lodgings. Bed bugs are not necessarily a sign that an establishment in dirty. Because more people are traveling today than at any other time in history, bed bugs are simply hitching rides with them. Many top-quality hotels are experiencing infestations of bed bugs. Whether or home or business is faced with a bed bug infestation, you need the help of a professional exterminator. Pest Solutions offers Los Angeles bed bug fumigation services for both residential and commercial locations.

Hire a professional for effective bed bug extermination

Before effective chemical controls for bed bug infestations existed, the only efficient way to get rid of them was to allow the sleeping chambers to become very cold for a period of time because extreme cold kills bed bugs. However, for those who live in areas such as southern California where the temperatures rarely reach the necessary levels for bed bug eradication, freezing them out is not an option. Over-the-counter pest control products are also not effective against bed bugs.

Professional exterminators are having great success using Vikane on the war on bed bugs. Vikane is an anti-termite chemical that is used to fumigate homes where bed bugs or termite colonies have set up shop. An odorless and colorless gas, Vikane does not stain furniture or household surfaces or leave behind an offensive odor. Although Vikane is safe when used properly, only professional exterminators are allowed to fumigate homes with this product. Although many home remedies concerning bed bug control are currently circulating, none of them actually work due to the tenacious nature of this particular insect.

Pest Solutions is your Los Angeles bed bug fumigation professional

If you needLos Angeles bed bug fumigation, Pest Solution can quickly and safely rid your home of bed bugs that you or other household members may have brought home from travels. Because of the warm climate specific to southern California, bed bugs frequently feel right at home and multiply quickly, but professional fumigation using Vikane can restore your sleeping comfort.