Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Between the late 1930s and mid-40s, the United States had mostly eradicated bed bugs with wide-scale DDT and malathion use. Unfortunately, these invasive bugs made a comeback during the 1990s and have since increased in numbers across the world. They use both humans and pets as hosts and feed on their blood most often at night. Bed bugs have a secretive nature, making it quite difficult to detect them and their hiding spots.

Bed Bug 4How Bed Bug Infestations Happen

Because of their small size, it's hard to spot individual bed bugs. In addition, they may go for months without eating and can survive in used furniture that's put out for sale or in luggage and clothing as you travel. Once in your home, bed bugs establish colonies in your furniture, air ducts, mattresses and other concealed areas.

Prevention is the Key

If you want to prevent an infestation, it's best to avoid any place where bed bugs live and breed. When you stay overnight at hotels, keep your clothing in your luggage, and avoid placing it on the floor right away. Inspect beneath the sheets, in the mattress folds and around the bed for clusters or black dots. When you come home, put your clothing directly into the dryer to kill any bugs that may have come along for the ride.

Environmentally Friendly Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bed bugs differ from other insects due to their extreme resistance to certain pest control products. Though some chemical treatments provide effective results, they only work if you can locate all the bed bugs in your home. Therefore, Pest Solutions fights bed bugs in the best way it knows how: with heat treatment. Thanks to the Titan Propane 3000, we can target the entire infestation in your home without applying harmful pesticides.

The Titan Propane 3000 is an effective bed bug eliminator, using 500,000 BTUs for maximum heat power. It treats bed bugs and other invasive pests within a 3,000-square-foot space and helps eliminate infestations in apartments and residential homes. Adult and juvenile bed bugs die after 23 minutes when they're exposed to 141-degree fahrenheit temperatures and the eggs will die after 60 minutes at 141-degree fahrenheit temperatures.

Pest Solutions Treats Bed Bugs at the Source

Contact Pest Solutions for a free quote and information regarding your bed bug infestation. We believe in treating bed bugs the right way using intense heat. By using our Titan Propane 3000 heat treatment system, we not only eliminate bed bugs in your home but do so without affecting your family's health.