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For most people, the sheer mention of bed bugs has their skin itching and their face cringing. It might surprise you, then, to learn that 20% of people in the US have either had bed bugs in their homes or know someone who has.  The idea of small bugs crawling around in your beds and belongings is… Read more »

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As a homeowner, business owner, or property manager, there are many steps you can take to keep pests at bay. This includes keeping the interior and exterior of your property clean, sanitized, and well-maintained.  However, despite your best efforts, you may still find yourself with some unwanted guests on your hands. Pests are not only… Read more »

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Is Pest Control Still Necessary During Winter Months in California? At wintertime in many parts of the country, temperatures drop and pest issues disappear as critters head into hibernation. However, southern California doesn’t experience a traditional winter, with temperatures rarely dropping below 40 degrees. You still might see a drop in the number of pests… Read more »

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Looking to take your eco-friendly initiatives to the next level? Start with your pest control. There are many eco-friendly pest control solutions available that are just as effective as traditional methods, if not more so! Plus, using green pest control methods can help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint. What Defines Eco-Friendly Pest Control… Read more »

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Garages are the perfect environment for insects and small animals. They are dark, have lots of hiding spaces, and are easy to access from the outside. And once these intruders enter your garage, they can enter your house. To keep pests at bay, use these four steps to turn your garage into an unwelcome space… Read more »

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The best course of action when it comes to termite control depends on whether you’re dealing with subterranean or drywood termites. As the names imply, drywood termites nest within the wood on which they feed, while subterranean termites nest underground and travel up to their food source when they need to. Because of their different… Read more »