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Timing your treatment for pest control can make a noticeable difference for homeowners across the Greater Los Angeles Area and North Orange County. It’s much easier to prevent an inspect breakout than it is to react to one.

Peak Time of Pest Migration

Early spring and fall are the two times within a year that pests are the most active in many parts of California.  As the weather slowly shifts, insects and other animals begin their migration to find more favorable living conditions. That living condition tends to be inside your warm, cozy home.

Why Fall Makes Pests Move

Those crisp, chilly mornings that are so enjoyable at the end of summer are a trigger for pests to find somewhere warmer to wait out the winter.  Spiders, silverfish, roaches, and crickets are some of the most active insects during this time of year. Many rodents will also be on the move to find a protected area where they can store food and begin to nest.

Why Hire a Trusted Pest Control Company?

Nothing is more frustrating than spending hours, or even days researching, inspecting, and shopping for the necessary equipment just to have the pests come back again in a couple of hours, days, or weeks. 

The better choice is to hire a professional pest control company for a Fall inspection to get the benefits of:

  • Knowing exactly where to look and what to do to get rid of your pest.
  • Pinpointing the problem areas in a short period.
  • Applying the appropriate solution.
  • Both eliminating and preventing pests from bothering you again- including the bugs you didn’t even know were lurking about, like termites, bedbugs, and rodents.

Professionals in the Pest Control industry are also up-to-date on the most innovative products to help prevent infestations from occurring, such as TAP Insulation.

Don’t let your home become a winter haven for the pests in your neighborhood.  Contact us to ask any questions or schedule us to come out and help you this fall season.

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