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Pests can be a considerable nuisance, invading your home and making your life miserable. Thankfully, there are ways to control them and get them out of your life for good. Pest control is the act of removing/killing certain types of animals, insects, and other pests from homes, land, or businesses to protect people and property…. Read more »

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Many Californians understand the importance of treating a bed bug infestation immediately, but what they don’t know are the treatment options. Hiring a professional gives you access to a range of methods ensuring you find the most effective treatment for your situation. If you are currently having an issue with bed bugs, here are three effective… Read more »

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Gardening can be a wonderful and relaxing hobby, until you encounter a pest problem. Deer, rabbits, and insects can quickly ruin a beautiful garden. While it may be tempting to use dangerous chemicals and pesticides to solve the problem, consider trying the following all-natural solutions from Pest Solutions Termite & Pest Control for a safer,… Read more »

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Do you know the truth about bed bugs?  Maybe you think you’ll never get them because you clean your house regularly. Perhaps you’re worried that you could get malaria, Lyme disease, or some other illness if you discover bed bugs in your home. When you are faced with bed bugs, can a grocery store solution… Read more »

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The summer weather comes with many perks, such as the chance to chill outdoors and engage in outdoor activities. However, it is also a chance for some unwelcome guests to seek shelter from the hot sun.  Your home provides a conducive living environment. Summer can see common pests invade your home in search of cool,… Read more »