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Pest control for many homes is done in an as needed basis. They find termites in their wall or bed bugs in their bed and make the call. Unfortunately, by the time they discover these tiny terrors have invaded their home, it is a pretty significant problem. As in many cases, prevention can be far… Read more »

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Carpeting can enhance the beauty and comfort of your home in many ways. Unfortunately, it also provides a breeding ground for fleas, one of the most minuscule and at the same time annoying of blood-sucking pests. Fleas are very small and persistent, therefore very hard to eradicate unless you know what you are doing. How… Read more »

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Common rodents are found in a home, business, outdoor sheds, barns, basement, and in your yard. These will include rats, mice, squirrels, and even chipmunks. Our goal with this article is to educate you in getting rid of rodents. How to get rid of rodents Not matter if the annoying rodents are in your home,… Read more »

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A roach scurries across the floor, or signs of a mouse are found scattered on the counter. The only thing that comes to mind is disease. Getting rid of the intruder is all that matters. What will take care of the problem ASAP? Common Solutions All insecticides have at least one active ingredient. This toxin… Read more »

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Bed bugs are a menace, and after all the horror stories, you worry that every speck you find might be the beginning of an invasion. However, bed bugs aren’t as prolific of breeders as some other insects might be. In truth, infestations come from ignoring the issue. If you catch bed bugs early, you can… Read more »