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If you hear or see squirrels up in your attic space, you may not immediately think to evict them. If it is cold outside, why not let them stay for a bit, right? Unfortunately, squirrels can cause a whirlwind of damage to interior spaces, which is why even if it is cold out, you should… Read more »

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As the colder months quickly approach, most rodents are scrambling to find a warm place to nest. Unfortunately, one of those places could be your home. It can be quite embarrassing to invite guests over for the holidays and have rodents make their grand entrance during that time. Here are five ways to keep those… Read more »

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Knocked over trash cans, ravaged gardens, and noisy nights are all signs that your home has become a target for the bandits of the natural world – raccoons. While some may enjoy raccoons and find them cute, you will find that you enjoy them significantly less when they are constantly tipping over the trash and… Read more »

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If you have pest problems, seemingly one after another, you may wonder if it is something you are doing that is attracting them. While you may just be unlucky and live in an area that is very active with common pests, some homes do make better homes for pests than others. What Attracts Pests? Like… Read more »

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Despite their small size, rats and mice top the list of most dangerous rodents. The mere sight of these seemingly little pests can force your heart to skip a beat in shock. But wait until you see the damage they can cause! Most homeowners focus on the damage rodents are likely to cause on their… Read more »

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These little creatures known as bed bugs will hide inside the bedding, carpet, and walls of your home. The bug will burrow inside a crevice or crack in the woodwork of you bedroom furniture, and in the seams of books. They can even get in between the layers of the cardboard you use to store… Read more »