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Despite their small size, rats and mice top the list of most dangerous rodents. The mere sight of these seemingly little pests can force your heart to skip a beat in shock. But wait until you see the damage they can cause! Most homeowners focus on the damage rodents are likely to cause on their… Read more »

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These little creatures known as bed bugs will hide inside the bedding, carpet, and walls of your home. The bug will burrow inside a crevice or crack in the woodwork of you bedroom furniture, and in the seams of books. They can even get in between the layers of the cardboard you use to store… Read more »

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Rats and mice start looking for warmth the moment temperatures begin to drop as we head from summer into fall. Your home may be one of their better options. If you are interested in rodent control, below are some tips that can help you to rodent-proof your home for the fall. Remove Yard Clutter Untidy,… Read more »

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We tend to think of termites as something that would be found in the walls and the wooden frame of your home, and they can be. However, anything that is wood is a target for their destructive investigation. Even if you do not have hardwood floors in your home, you are not safe from their… Read more »

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If you have telltale signs of a mouse problem, such as the presence of droppings, noticing gnaw marks, or even seeing a mouse or two, finding a solution is necessary so they do not infest your home’s interior. Here are some effective ways to keep mice from becoming a pesky nuisance. Check the Exterior for… Read more »

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Mosquitoes are more than just a backyard nuisance. Mosquitoes are biting insects that feed off the blood of humans or other animals to create viable eggs and reproduce. After a mosquito bites and feeds, they leave red, itchy bumps, and can even transmit deadly diseases. Drain Standing Water An essential step for any homeowner to… Read more »