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When you own a property that you have turned into a full-time rental, you should do everything you can to maximize occupancy. Dealing with annual vacancies will lead to missing out on potential income because you will have inevitable gaps between your tenants. Although you will not be able to eliminate these gaps altogether, you… Read more »

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Nobody likes a skunk. They aren’t innately aggressive or even particularly destructive, but the fear of skunks comes from the ridiculously smelly spray that they release when startled. It is part of their natural defense, and they use it often and indiscriminately. It could be your dog who got too excited and chased it, or… Read more »

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There is a certain four-letter F-word that no one wants to hear in their house. Fleas…we’re talking about fleas. Once fleas have been discovered in your house, you have to find out how they got there and make sure you kick them out as soon as possible. Then, you have to lay the groundwork to… Read more »

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We are all familiar with the old adage “Spring showers bring May flowers.” Unfortunately, Spring showers also bring an array of unwanted visitors into our homes. This time of year, insects are drawn from their winter domiciles by rainy weather. Ironically, it is the spring rain that awakens household pests from their dormant winter retreats…. Read more »

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Yikes! Bed bugs are creepy not just because they feed on blood (and nothing else) but because they are champions at hiding. You may never be aware of them until things get bad. It’s a common misconception that you have to throw out all of your stuff like the bed or furniture because you cannot… Read more »