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Bedbug 5General pest control is relevant to home owner associations and condominiums because pests can quickly spread from unit to unit until a whole complex or building is infested. Some pests are easily transported from one place to another by unwitting people. Home Owner Associations and condominium associations looking for San Pedro, Torrance, Redondo Beach, andSanta Monica pest controlservices should contact Pest Solutions today. We are your Los Angeles County HOA and condominium pest control professionals.

The most common types of household pests fall into several categories:

  • Bed bugs are blood-sucking insects with a fondness for hiding in fabric and paper. At just .2 centimeters long, they are hard to spot and easily concealed in bedding and under cushions. Victims rarely feel the bite when it is occurring, since the insect injects a local anesthetic while feeding. Once they are in a dwelling, DIY methods are rarely successful and only serve to make the insects hide more deeply in furniture and clothing.
  • Fleas are blood-sucking insects capable of leaping up to four feet, and infants emerge from the pupa ready to leap for the nearest warm object. Their saliva causes burning, itching bites that linger for several days. A single female can produce up to 2,000 offspring, so they can spread quickly once they are in a building. Pet collars and other measures are good for pets, but they do not eliminate the problem from the dwelling since many eggs and pupae will remain in carpets and furniture.
  • Some pests are merely annoying, but cockroaches are an outright health hazard. They are known to carry the microorganisms responsible for food poisoning and intestinal illness, and their saliva and droppings cause an allergic reaction in many. Some people have chronic respiratory problems caused by roach allergy incorrectly diagnosed as cold or flu. Roaches live in walls, and though sprays may eliminate them from certain areas, spray does not penetrate to their nesting places.
  • The mice normally found in homes are only about two inches long and are able to hide in tiny spaces such as those under refrigerators and stoves. In addition to destroying and contaminating human food supplies, they can spread diseases like dysentery, rabies and spotted fever. Larger animals such as rats and squirrels also spread disease and cause even more destruction.

Pest Solutions is your Santa Monica pest control professional

Infestations of any of these pests usually require the attention of professionals. Over-the-counter products may kill some individuals and make the rest less visible, but they rarely solve the larger problem. In the long run, the expense and bother will be less if a pest specialist is called. Contact Pest Solutions for all of yourSanta Monica pest controlneeds.