Preventive Termite Treatments in Santa Monica

termites 4Pest Solutions has provided pest prevention and control services in Southern California for more than 14 years. We have dealt with many different pests during this time, and termites are one of our specialties. These insects may be small, but few pests can match the severe property damage that they cause.

Overview of Termites

Termites are social insects that feed on an organic compound called cellulose. Cellulose is found in all plants on Earth, including the timbers used to build homes. When termites strip wood of its cellulose, it becomes hollow and structurally unsound. Depending on the species, termites tend to remain hidden either under the soil or in wooden tunnels. This concealment allows them to cause extensive damage to wooden structures without being detected. The only surefire way to avoid costly termite damage is to keep them from building colonies on your property in the first place.

Benefits of Preventive Termite Treatments

Keeping termites off your property can be a challenge. Termites are small enough to crawl through many types of soil as well as tiny cracks and holes in foundations and bricks. Luckily, Pest Solutions offers preventive treatments that can effectively keep the insects off your property. After thoroughly inspecting the area, we will develop a specialized treatment plan that works for your home. Once your home is treated, termites will be unable to access your property for nesting or foraging purposes.

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