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Selling or buying a home? Make sure the house is pest free by getting a thorough inspection. Pest Solutions offers Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and North Orange pest control services and real estate pest inspections, as well as real estate pest inspections throughout Los Angeles County. We’ll inspect the property from top to bottom and if pests are detected, we’ll remove them in no time. We even offer pest prevention to keep the home safe from future invasions. Take advantage of our 24-hour service and our guaranteed work today.

building tradeReasons to get a real estate pest inspection

There are so many things that go into making a decision to purchase real-estate. Whether someone is purchasing their first home, or perhaps leasing office space for their company, many decisions are made concerning price, terms, and other matters. Unfortunately, potentially huge problems may lurk inside these properties. The fact is, not many people out there consider the possibility of a pest control problem waiting for them. While property inspections are very common and done frequently, these inspections typically only cover the construction of the property or perhaps the grading and drainage of the property.

No one usually considers the potential for something such as a rat issue, or termite infestation. These pests can provide a much larger problem than a leaky roof or some warped siding. What makes this problem even more difficult is the fact that wood eating insect infestations are only discovered during a professional inspection. They are very difficult to see and such an infestation will usually be missed by the untrained eye. These types of wood destroying insects cost property owners hundreds of millions of dollars per year. A large portion of the time, those costs could have been avoided by the property owner or lessee by simply having had a pest control inspection.

Small wood eating insects are common but not the only serious problem that may be faced. Small critters like squirrels or raccoons can play havoc in attic spaces or inside walls. Such small animals are known to burrow into homes and other comfortable spaces and attempt to make the space their own. That means that not only do these animals look to "reside" inside your property, they also will look to eat, reproduce, and literally make the property their own. For these reasons, these types of pests can be terribly hard to get rid of once they have made themselves at home. Often times, once animals have been removed they attempt to come back in or find alternative places to enter a property. This is not a problem that you want to have when settling into a new home or office space.

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The bottom line is this. Whether dealing with termites, rats, raccoons, bedbugs, or any other nasty critters, pest problems can be an extreme nuisance and can be very expensive to deal with. So, the next time you are looking at purchasing real estate or leasing, make sure to include a North Orange pest control inspection as part of the transaction. You may very well save yourself a ton of money and aggravation!