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Make your home a bug-free zone! Drive out the pests that have set up camp on your property with the help of our professional exterminators. We offer convenient 24-hour service and all of our work is guaranteed. Our professional exterminators offer South Gate, Bell Gardens, Downey, Inglewood and Huntington Park pest control services.

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All work is guaranteed!

In every home, office or other type of building, pest control is an important part of the maintenance plan that should be given careful consideration throughout the year. Although many home and building owners will contact our pest control service at the first sign of a pest infestation, it is very common for a pest problem to already be out of control before we arrive. When left unchecked, a pest control issue will have a serious impact upon the structure of the property that can significantly impact the health and safety of those who use the building. To prevent this from occurring, the following guide is offered to help you to prevent, identify and successfully treat a pest control problem so that your property and health will be safeguarded.

Common pests throughout Huntington Park and surrounding areas

Pest infestations can vary according to the climate in a person’s surrounding area as well as seasonal fluctuations. However, there are several pests that can commonly be found in a variety of homes and buildings throughout California. Crawling insects, such as cockroaches, beetles and ants are commonly found on the interior of a building. Flying insects, such as wasps and bees, can be found both in and outside of buildings. Along with spiders, these insects can cause painful bites that can make eradication difficult. Outdoor pests, such as squirrels and rats, often find their way into a home or business out of a need to find a warm place to build their nest. Due to the diseases these pests carry, professional services will be required to ensure their elimination from the building.

Preventative methods

There are several things that a person can do to prevent a pest infestation; however, it is important to note that some pests will still enter a building no matter how clean or secure it may be at the time. Keeping kitchen areas clean can be helpful for reducing cockroach and ant infestations. Additionally, sealing any cracks and crevices in exterior walls can also be helpful for avoiding an infestation of squirrels and other rodents. If you've tried preventative methods and still face a pest infestation, it is time to contact a professional Huntington Park pest control service.

Professional Huntington Park pest control options

Although most people think of pest control when they need an infestation to be handled, we can also assist you with preventative methods by providing a thorough inspection of your property. After inspecting your property, we can then make a plan that recommends specific repairs as well as pest control techniques that can help to secure your home. If an infestation is discovered, then Pest Solutions can help to eliminate it safely using proven methods while also performing a follow-up check to ensure that the pests have not returned.